Begin with Hyper-V, installation and explaination of Hyper-V manager under windows server 2012 Datacenter

Hyper-V allows to manage Virtual Machine on a single host. With Hyper-V you can build your own IT (as me 😉 to test different Microsoft products installed on different machines.

For the hardware, because we are not yet rich, I recommend you to get a pc not a server but with some capabilities to test with few Virtual Machines (10):

–          Processor i7 4770 (around 300$)

–          Mainboard HB7M pro Asus, to support hyper virtualization (200$)

–          RAM DDR3 32 GB (around 400$)

–          Hard Disk: SSD 1 TB Samsung 840 evo (to boost your access on your disk, around 650$)

With this hardware for 1700$ (adding power engine…), 10 Virtual machine can work together.

Hyper-V is available on windows 8 edition or Windows Server 2012 edition (more interesting in Datacenter). I advise you to use Windows Server 2012 to emulate a company context.

1/Select Server Manager Dashboard and click on Add Roles and features


2/a dialog box appears, click Next


3/ Let the default option to add roles and features


4/Select the server which will host hyper V, here it is your windows server 2012 computer


5/Click Next and select the Hyper-V role, the wizard will add Tools (GUI and PowerShell) usefull so add them


6/after the installation is completed, you will see on left side on dashboard the new role Hyper-V.


7/You can also access it through Tools menu, and click on Hyper-V manager to pop up the tool


8/Hyper-v manager is a gui which allows you to create, and manage your virtual machine and virtual network:


Here, I have on my computer a lot of Virtual Machine, but some of them are stopped (to not use a lot of ram or CPU 😉

9/the left panel is used to connect to different server hosting Hyper-V. You are able to manage virtual machine on different server:


Below, you can select a new server with Active Directory discovery:


10/I select a second Hyper V server which contains 3 Virtual machine, as you can see, I am able to manage a lot of server Hyper-V from Hyper-V manager.


11/The panel at the middle shows all virtual machine according to the selected hyper-v server :


We can see the status of my virtual machine called VDI which is running using 1%CPU, 1676MB of RAM, and up since 3 hours.

12/Right click on the Virtual Machine allow you to connect to the VM, check the settings, turn off or shut down it and make other actions.


13/The bottom panel show Virtual Machine details like memory used, networking, and replication configuration





14/the right panel is splitted on two sub panel, the top panel contains server actions and the bottom panel contains Virtual machine actions.


Privateclouda is the name of the hyper-v server, the host. Server actions allow to create new / import Virtual machine, create different type of network, manage SAN, and edit virtual hard drive (VHD or VHDX).

VDIW8 is the name of the virtual machine